Hello everyone and welcome to our new website.

We have been working hard getting a new and exciting website together, the menu at the top should include everything that you might need, including the children's class pages which has the weekly Home Learning information on them. We also have blog information at the bottom of each class page which includes some websites and documents that we would suggest to help with your home learning during this time.

As the website is completely new we would welcome any feedback that you have, but please bear in mind that as it is new there will be a few things that we will add and amend over time to improve it as we go along. In the future we are looking to turn our fortnightly newsletter into a fortnightly e-newsletter, if you would like to receive the e-newsletter once it starts please sign up using the section at the bottom of the page.

Please check back regularly to have a look at what's new on the website, especially on your child's class page as these will be updated each week.

Take care and stay safe!

Bounds Green School